Past Competitions

The GAP ICT competition has been running annually since 2011. Get to know the past winners and finalists by browsing the video clips below.


ICT Finalists for 2016


1st Place



A project management platform that embraces differences between technical and non-technical people in software companies. Allowing them to collaborate effectively without compromising the software development workflow. EngineOne brings code and project management together to give teams wider visibility on what is going on every day. This helps companies priorities together and move as a single unit.


360 Degree Mixed Reality Displays

2nd Place


The solution is a low-cost, communal viewer of VR, 360 Photo and 360 Video content.
It also serves as an indoor planetarium that can showcase planetarium movies and run a number of open-source planetarium applications.



3rd Place


SpazaPro is a digital route-to-market solution that allows township retailers and their customers to directly engage with manufacturers, participate in group buying programmes and receive loyalty incentives and rewards from manufacturers.

SpazaPro allows township retailers to place orders which are aggregated to allow them to access better pricing and rebates from manufacturers.


4th Place


WiPo is  developing a wireless charger for drones being powered of electricity transmission lines. This is in addition to installing wireless power technologies in areas where it is most valuable. From using inductive coupling charging from laptops to microwave charging for drones over a greater distance.


Token is a repository for sales receipts, the system allows users to perform data analysis and reporting on their expenses. It facilitates the smooth interaction between company expenses, accounting and auditing, the system starts capturing expenses all the way from the bottom of the organization to the top all by itself.

Shabam Investment

SHABAM INVESTMENTS is a unit-trust distribution platform in an Android and iOS application format. All functions are aligned to target those individuals who could not previously access unit-trust based investment products due to financial, and/or knowledge barriers


Emoticons are smiley based customisable devices for vehicles that suggests to drivers behind that they are encroaching on safe (happy) driving distances based on the “smile” or upside down smile displayed by the device. The safe driving distance, commonly accepted as being 3 seconds, is speed dependent to account for traffic.


Haider is a two-sided mobile app that allows clients to book and pay salon services on demand and
hairstylists and salons to accept/reject job offers.
The second phase will allow clients to request a hairstylist to come to their home (as opposed to
them going to the salon) allowing us to on-board stylists who do not operate from a brick-andmortar
salon and to operate 24/7.

ICT Finalists for 2015


1st Place

Grassroot’s mission is to reduce the cost, time and skill it takes to organise in low income communities across South Africa. To do so, we are creating simple, purpose-built tools that allow ordinary people with any phone to call meetings, take votes, and log actions and decisions.

CommutaX – Sevices on the go

2nd Place

CommutaX is a platform that aims to enhance the commuter experience on mass transit systems in South Africa. The launch app allows public transport users to access services such as ordering a cab, coffee or umbrella for pickup at their destination station. Simple selection and payment will ensure seamless user interaction.


3rd Place

hearScreen has developed a low-cost mHealth solution for hearing problems by providing clinically valid tests, operated by untrained persons with cloud-based data management and referral systems linking patients to services. hearScreen’s vision is to impact the 1.2 billion globally who suffer hearing difficulties through affordable access and linkage to hearing health.


4th Place

FundVest, a subsidiary of Adamas Capital, is a platform which enables small businesses to raise working capital and expansion funding (including asset-based funding) from a pool of high net worth individuals and istitutional investors by “selling” outstanding invoices, discounting supplier invoices, and funding off-take agreements through peer-to-peer lending.

OLLI personal security device

WARear is an NPO supporting the development of the OLLI (One Life Live It) personal security bracelet. The bracelet is worn on the arm and the wearer can initiate an alarm over mobile networks to nominated individuals letting them know they are in trouble, and tracking their location.

The Syamoo App

Syamoo is a start up that builds apps that make women’s lives easier by ensuring they have access to services they would normally have trouble accessing. As a company we aim to create convenience and comfort for women and open communication channels between women and service providers. [The Syamoo App video is not available for IP reasons, please contact the GAP ICT team if you would like more information on their innovation]


ChargeUp is localising a secure mobile charging solution with robust advertising capabilities for use in public areas. Through location-based services customers are able to locate charging stations closest to them, advertisers can offer personalised discounts to users, and the product supports detailed reporting on customer usage stats.


JumpTrak is a digital education and training platform. It enables real-time learner monitoring & evaluation, teacher authoring tools and learner interaction with media rich learning content and assessments. It takes into serious consideration the context of South African learners and the limitations and costs of traditional eLearning solutions.

MathsGenius Question & Answer Portal

The MathsGenius online platform aims to support inclusive access to quality mathematics education by providing a (1) free/low-cost crowd-sourced maths skills exchange in multiple languages, (2) feature/smartphone-friendly on-demand maths help portal, (3) a marketplace for online/offline tutors who can post free and paid online lessons.

Umsebenzi Digital Kiosk

Umsebenzi digital kiosk is an application that helps people to easily find a painter, carpenter, electrician or plumber to assist with their household needs. The application links the customer with local, skilled, experienced labour with the benefit of security and reputation tracking.

Online tutoring platform

Turning Point Tutors integrates an established tutoring model with an online platform by leveraging a web-based tools to enhance the learning process. The solution comprises content hosting and interactive online tutoring focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects at university level.


Ivoq is an app that enables a user who is driving or travelling in a vehicle to safely capture a reminder when encountering something of interest like an informative billboard. This reminder enables the user to look up the location and the item of interest when it is safe and convenient to do so.

ICT Finalists for 2014

Vula Eye Health App

The Vula Eye Health Mobile Phone App helps to improve eye care in rural public sector hospitals. It enables doctors and other health workers with smartphones to conduct a basic vision test, test for patient‟s pupil reactions, take targeted and standardised photographs of eyes, chat via messaging service with the appropriate specialist on call to receive advice, learn more about eye health with an interactive database of eye health conditions and their management protocols, amongst others. Although Vula is designed for eye care, it has been built on a platform that will enable other specialities to easily create apps to improve care in their areas of expertise.

MoWallet – Mobile Coupon

Mobile Coupon is a mobile marketing solution that allows brands to offer small incentives to customers in order to move products off the shelves. The solution enable brands to setup one campaign that runs in multiple national retail stores and restaurants. The campaign can be delivered in any digital channel including Mxit, Facebook, USSD, App or SMS. The transactions to issue and redeem coupons are processed in real-time and reports are easily available on the web site or through daily emails.

Carbon Track – intelligent energy management

CarbonTRACK® is a patented, locally manufactured intelligent energy management device that enables consumers to reduce their power costs. Once installed carbonTRACK® manages the energy consumption of a home or business. and proactively advises end-users on how to reduce their footprint via email, app push notifications or the user interface. The carbonTRACK® device is connected to a house or business distribution board and monitors and controls heavy energy loads or the entire house (geyser/pool/ac). Through a simple smartphone app, carbonTRACK® allows users to remotely monitor and control their appliances.

Smart Plug

Rootstock Systems has designed a retrofitable smartplug (for a standard electrical wall plug and switch) that incorporates an e-meter to to measure energy usage at node, and communicate with a central data concentrator that aggregates data from all the nodes (plugs &switches) within a building and transmits the information to an internet server, thus offering the user the ability to monitor and control energy usage remotely through smart mobile devices. A social layer is being built on top of this platform enabling a community-based approach to energy management.

ICT Finalists for 2013


1st Place

KaChing is a mobile payment solution that allows users to pay for parking at malls and airport by using their smartphones. For more details click

Morgan 3D Printer

3rd Place

Morgan 3D Printer is a machine that is easy to line assemble, and easy to maintain, and will make high quality bespoke manufacturing in the hands of creative people, without the high cost of some imported system, and without the hurdle of DIY.

Tour 2.0

4th Place

Tour2.0 is an online platform that aims to build and promote community tourism within South Africa by packaging community tours and tour packages as stories that are told by community members, within the context of their community.


Careerpedia is a mobile app platform that connects poor learners from public schools with professionals in industry and academia to enable the learners to receive better career advice and also to be well educated about their future career choices.

ED Secure

A system that records a student’s information of one’s possessions and identity, so that when one scans their student card bar code or enter the student number, their information and the laptop or any electronic device such as ipads can appear on this new technology and save time and lower the risk of the laptops being stolen in the campus premises.

ICT Finalists for 2012

‘Wellness TV’ & Mobile Q&A Interface

1st Place

Enhances the ‘Wellness TV’ channel currently broadcast in public clinics by allowing people to ask questions via their mobile phone and see answers on the screen.


2nd Place

Uses location information on cellphones to reduce the response time for emergency services and automatically assist users to avoid and exit dangerous areas.

Web Text Simplification

3rd Place

Uses a patented technology to automatically simplify any mobile web text, enabling people of different reading levels to communicate with government easily.

MobiPad Dispenser

4th Place

Allows women to purchase napkins and pads from dispensers situated in public facilities using their mobile phone.

eGov Connect

Pulls citizen-government communication, fault reporting and social media into a unified user experience, enabling easy interaction with public officials.

Infomerger Community

Enhances an existing community interaction platform by enabling the mobile reporting of incidents and issues, and expanding access to useful statistical analyses in the form of charts, maps and timelines for planning.

Police Vehicle Verification System

Uses the mobile phone to automatically log interactions between police and driver when a car is pulled over, allowing road users to verify the legitimacy of a police stop.

Vela Tsotsi

Allows people to report crimes anonymously using a USSD-based application which informs the police about incident details such as the place, type of crime and number of assailants.


Combines cellphone location-based knowledge, a mobile application, and traffic modeling algorithms to give all citizens access to a traffic prediction tool on their handsets.

Gov + Me

Uses mobile location information to connect citizens with government information specific to their area of residence.

ICT Finalists for 2011


1st Place

Sowertech was the overall winner in the mobile theme for their Q-Tool mTraining platform. Q-Tool enhances the ability of civil servants to deliver services to the community. It is installed on the users mobile device/ tablet and/ or personal computer. It is used to train or reinforce a user’s knowledge of any subject which is a requirement for the performance of their duties.


2nd Place

House4Hack’s OpenPowerWatch device won second prize in the mobile category. It is a device that embeds an industrial cellphone (to enable GSM Data) and a GPS chip on a small custom circuit board neatly installed in a secure enclosure. The device can be installed in a mini electricity sub-station to monitor and analyse their performance in real-time, providing an indication of issues that should be addressed to ensure the availability and quality of power supply. The devices are based on open hardware standards, which makes them affordable and easy to assemble.


3rd Place

The third prize went to Mobi.lity for their Mobile Advanced Traveller Information System, a mobile platform that integrates different transport agencies’ real-time data (schedules, fares, delays, etc.) into a meaningful and personalized experience for public transport users. This mobile platform delivers personalized, relevant, up to date public transport arrival and departure information through the integration of a feature phone optimised mobi-site, centralized database structure, data bridges to the individual automatic vehicle location systems of each agency service, and the real-time monitoring of schedule adherence of each vehicle.


4th Place

Sebolai Maite was awarded a one-off bonus prize of R50,000 for fourth place in both the mobile and green themes. His Electricity Mobile Application would provide a tool for users to manage their electricity usage remotely, and create a link to municipalities for retrieving bills, reporting meter readings and purchasing prepaid electricity.


MyTicket was developed by Lefentse Nokaneng as a mobile app-based ticketing system, and was a finalist in the 2011 competition