Who is organising the competition?
GAP Green is being organised by The Innovation Hub Management Company (TIHMC) in Pretoria, South Africa. TIHMC is a subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA) which is an agency of Gauteng Provincial Government’s Department of Economic Development (GDED).

How do I know that my idea won’t be stolen when I submit it?
Please refer to the Rules page for an overview of the intellectual property guidelines. TIHMC, GGDA, GDED and their partners will not make any claim to your idea and will make every reasonable effort to protect the confidentiality of your information. However, as an additional measure, we do recommend that you familiarise yourself with the different options for protecting your ideas on the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission IP website or here.

How do I know if my product, service or model is innovative?
For this competition we define an entry as innovative if it is a new technology (or component of a technology), a new application of an existing technology, a new process, or a novel business or organisational model related to the area of interest. If you would like to check if your product or model is novel you should do a general Internet search to see if anyone else has implemented or commercialised your idea, then Google offers a patent search as well as a journal and conference proceedings search to see if anyone is doing research in your field. You can also search directly on international sites such as the US Patent and Trademark Office site as well as the South African CIPC patent search.

How do I enter the competition?
You can enter the competitions by completing the information on the website on the Enter page and email  it. Postal entries will not be accepted.

As of when can I submit an entry and what is the deadline?
The submissions page on the competition website opens on 10 April 2017. Entries must be submitted on or before the closing date of the competition, which is 02 June 2017 extended to 16 June 2017 at 23h59.

Can I remove or resubmit my entry?
Please email the competition email address to request the withdrawal of your entry to have it removed. If you would like to resubmit an edited entry you will need to complete the website form again and add a clear note to the description indicating that this is an updated version.

What happens if I win a prize?
There are processes and conditions related to the Award of Prizes are described here.

How do I contact the competition organisers?
The competition organisers can be contacted via gapgreen@theinnovationhub.com, or phone +27 (0)12 844 0000. We will reply to your queries as soon as we can.